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Menstrual and ovulation calculator

Do you have an important date on your calendar as a vacation by the sea, important meeting, etc? Would you like to know when your period will arrive? Or just would like to note down important details (facts or symptoms) about your actual or past period? Forecast with this handy menstrual and ovulation calendar and have everything in one place whenever you need it. Be aware that this prediction is based on your previous menstrual cycles, therefore your future cycles may and do differ. An ovulation calendar allows you to understand your ovulation cycle, so you can optimize your chances of getting pregnant and can indicate your baby's estimated due date.

What does this period calculator do?

With this period calculator you can get an overview of your period and ovulation not only of the upcoming months but also several years. You can switch to a yearly preview anytime and see everything in one place and screen. It is a simple and powerful way how to keep track of all your periods. A list of the main calendar functions (other calendar functions are described in detail on the project main page):

The period cycle computes from the beginning of one period to the beginning of the next. The first day of the bleeding is considered to be the first day of the cycle. Average cycle length is between 23 and 35 days. Cycles longer or shorter than the average might mean that the woman is not ovulating but also other problems have to be excluded. The average blood loss is 35 ml. Young girls usually start menstruating between the age of 11 and 14 and their menstruation can be irregular from the beginning but it will settle with time. The number of periods decreases between the age of 39 and 51, the cycles may become longer and after menopause they eventually will stop.

An estimated menstrual cycles period period can be calculated by the following steps:

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